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Knowledge and innovation

We use creatively years of experience and knowledge for our work and it is always recognized as innovative et modern. We follow the trends and always keep step with the latest technologies.

Boundless support

We are available for all our customers at any time of day. You always can contact us for help or advice. Communication is possible in several languages​​.

Save time and money

Rich experience suggest solutions that are always in the best interests of clients. We offer only proven systems.

What kind of magic is now being created?

The current project we are proud of.


CarHistory therefore keeps a real link between the seller and his customer In addition, through this tool of communication/management, vendor enjoys greater freedom to, for example, organize his own local actions.


Is a business application that enables the customers of a pizzeria, restaurant or fast food restaurant, across the application, to examine the choices of drinks and meals and order directly on the application.

WEB Shop

The current project is a web shop that sells new KIA vehicles and additional accessories. After detailed design work on the web shop, we engaged the developer's.